About Clinton County Live

Our Mission...
Clinton County Live is a community organization of artists and educators dedicated to visual and performing arts development and education in Clinton County.

Clinton County Live believes that the arts and live music are an essential component of a community’s cultural and economic development and promote a sustainable economic environment.
Through programs which include  events, workshops and performances, the organization's mission is to contribute to Clinton County through arts education, live performances, event promotion and to serve as a resource for musicians, and educators.

The Primary Goals and Activities of Clinton County Live

  • Contribute to already existing public school music education programs by teaching kids (privately, and in small group classes) whose families cannot afford private music instruction.
  • Help students to get musical instruments.
  • Give students private lessons and group music lessons on individual instruments.
  • Teach students to perform with others in an ensemble situation.
  • Present live performances, classes and workshops.
  • Create after school music education programs.